Baby in a Box?

The rise of technology and research in the 21st century has brought about advances in biology and medicine, specifically in genetics.  Anyone who has read the excellent cautionary tale Bloodline, by James Rollins, will wonder about the balance among morality, fate, and science, as well as how far science should go.  American Thinker decided to go beyond Bloodline's fascinating adventure story to explore the narrative of genetics by interviewing some experts as well as the author, James Rollins. Is there danger in genetic scientific research?  Dr. Carol Greider is a Nobel Prize-winner in medicine and the director of molecular biology and genetics at Johns Hopkins University.  She told American Thinker, "From the scientific side, genetics will help us make predictions about disease and finding potential treatments.  The goal is to integrate what we know within society.  A literate society is very important.  Disease will be treated so that people will...(Read Full Article)