Americans Should Treat the Federal Government Like Family

Like a parent taking away a teenager's credit card, Americans must demand that federal spending stop or face financial ruin.  No matter what the justification to continue them, spending programs must be cut. One day, your teenage daughter, without your prior permission, comes home laden down with boxes containing the latest fashions purchased at the mall.  You discover to your shock that a credit card company has granted her a card with no limit, and she has gone to town big time.  You, reminding yourself that you are the parent, immediately launch into a lecture about financial responsibility.  You hold out your hand, demanding the card, and shake it insistently.  After a sigh, your daughter slaps the card in your hand.  You then retire to the kitchen, where the card is given the financial guillotine.  But here's a question: what if your spendthrift daughter had purchased healthy food or basic clothing on credit?  "It doesn't matter," you...(Read Full Article)