A Man for All Races

Mitt Romney received a standing ovation at the NAACP convention.  Really.  Even though practically every media outlet failed to mention that important tidbit and instead focused on the boos he provoked after his comments on ObamaCare.  Approximately half of the audience rose to their feet at the end of Romney's speech. While applauding the fact that Romney attended the convention, Congressional Black Caucus leader Rep. Cleaver remarked: "I don't know if [Romney] has any African-Americans advising him at the top of his campaign staff, but it would have been horrible advice -- if someone gave it to him -- to go into the NAACP convention in Houston, Texas, and then criticize President Obama." Black conservative blogger Kira Davis, in her YouTube and post, "To Rep. Cleaver:  This Message was NOT Pre-approved by the NAACP," blasted Cleaver's criticism.  Her entire response is well worth listening to in its entirety.  Davis said: Romney deserves respect for...(Read Full Article)