A Leftist Media for Obama

The national media likes to present the left, even the radical left, as more or less mainstream, even as it depicts the Tea Party as a fringe movement.  Politicians who espouse Marxist ideas, like Barack Obama, are treated as if they are centrists, well-suited to solve the crises that their own policies have created.  As the liberal media see it, the debate is over.  America has become a European-style social welfare state, and there is no going back.  There is only going forward, or what Obama calls "forward," toward the hardcore communism of the past. From this perspective, socialism is the normal and expected condition of mankind, and communism -- the thuggish assault on liberty of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez or Bolivia's Juan Evo Morales -- is simply a less genteel means toward the same end. In every case, the media ignore the inevitable executions and gulags of the communist state and report instead on the purported advancements of health care and literacy. ...(Read Full Article)