Why Liberals Are Selfish

It is a constant refrain on the left that conservatives are "selfish."  Those who want to work and keep the fruits of their own labor are castigated as self-centered and greedy, while progressives are held out to be all-compassionate and kind for supporting government-run programs for every malady under the sun. Enough of that rubbish. The term "selfish" in various contexts implies that someone wrongfully holds onto or gains something at the expense of another.  While conservatives and most political moderates uses the term "selfish" to deride those who take things that do not belong to them -- in other words, what that person did not produce or receive voluntarily from another -- the modern left uses the term "selfish" to upbraid those who want to hold onto something of their own that is demanded by another. The left therefore seems to assume that the life, labor, and property of any individual are the possession of "society."  This is a tribal, mystical, and frankly...(Read Full Article)