Who's a Hero?

This treatise promises to alienate me from some friends as well as many strangers.  Still, my understanding of certain words and ideas compels me to write and offer it for publication, regardless any possible personal cost.  While it is not centered upon the precise argument set forth by MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes last Sunday, Hayes's unfortunate statements bring to bear a needed discussion on the meaning of words. To avoid ambiguity, I am not in the camp of Mr. Hayes.  He and I stand apart in our veneration of the American soldier -- especially those who have fallen in combat.  Still, in this case, I will use his incident as a springboard to explore a concept.  In this case, the word is "hero." It has become practice in the popular culture to pay homage to America's fighting forces today.  Except for small, marginalized groups such as Code Pink or the Westboro Baptist Church, which perversely seek media spotlights for shocking demonstrations against...(Read Full Article)