Who Will Provide My Health Care?

Whom do you want to operate on your heart: a doctor or a bureaucrat?  This scenario is neither a joke nor an exaggeration.  Two trends happening right now make it likely that the person who will provide your health care will have a BA or MBA after his name rather than "MD" or "RN." Trend 1: Losing doctors Doctors are increasingly refusing to see government-insured -- viz., Medicare -- patients, or leaving medicine altogether.  With our government attacking our doctors, why should they keep seeing government-insured patients?  And the word "attack" is truth, not hype. Imagine you are a doctor.  You help a sick patient and bill for your services.  The government pays whatever it wants -- a small fraction of your bill.  Worse, it continually reduces these payments, now below your cost to stay in business.  The ACA (Patient Protection and Affordable [hah!] Health Care Act, or ObamaCare) spends over $1 trillion on bureaucrats, taking it from doctors,...(Read Full Article)