Who Chooses?

Say you're in an argument on some issue of a proposed government service with a friend of a more leftist persuasion, and you are making no progress.  I would suggest trying a question on your interlocutor which may well make him think and even re-examine his position.  Just ask: "Do you really think politicians and bureaucrats are smarter than you?" Now it is certainly likely that the other person will view this as off the wall and think you are digressing.  However, you are not by any means.  It is a fundamental fact that once you have asked for government to provide a service for you, you have relinquished control of that particular part of your life.  Yes, you can vote on these things, but that is far removed from where the rubber actually meets the road.  While your elected representatives do vote on the laws (I won't even bother to claim they write them; their staff does that), they rarely enough bother to read all the text.  On top of that, the...(Read Full Article)