When Eco-Thugs Knock

Larry Keller had no idea the Environmental Protection Agency employed agents fortified with deadly force until two such men showed up at his home, unannounced, to "question" him. Keller runs a computer consulting business from his Asheville, North Carolina home.  On April 27 he sent an email to the EPA in an attempt to reach Al Armendariz, the EPA regional administrator who, two days earlier, had been caught in a gone-viral YouTube video boasting about his desire to "crucify" Big Oil executives. After watching the video, Keller told the Carolina Journal, he was troubled by the comments and wanted to express his concerns to Armendariz, a public official whose salary is paid by taxpayers. "I wanted to know why someone in his position would say what he did. I wanted to question his reasoning and principles. It's all about freedom of speech," said Keller. In an effort to locate Armendariz's email address, Larry Kelly contacted David Gray, an EPA director of external affairs and sent...(Read Full Article)