Washington Post Tougher on Romney than Hezb'allah Killer of 241 Marines

The Washington Post recently used the word "troubling" in a headline describing Mitt Romney's behavior as a teenager, and insisted in a subsequent column that his conduct in 1965 plays a vital role in providing clues to his current character. Remarkably, this is the same newspaper that has featured commentaries by terrorist kingpins and never used a term as negative as "troubling" to identify them. Defending the paper's lengthy, less-than-reliable coverage of Romney's long-ago behavior, Post ombudsman Patrick B. Pexton wrote: I think biographical stories on presidential candidates are fair game even if controversial incidents contained in them are far in the past. Of course we all change and mature. But these stories give clues to the character of the flesh-and-blood human beings we pick to lead us.  This justification seems to imply that this early, newsworthy "clue to the character" of Romney was the revealing first display of a disturbing pattern of bullying behavior. So we...(Read Full Article)