Under Allah with Sharia for All

Last week, a white African-American friend and her husband returned to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) from a European trip and observed an American-Muslim woman from their flight navigating U.S. Immigration and Customs.  The couple watched attentively as the covered woman approached the immigration officer, who avoided eye contact, glanced hastily at the woman's ID, and waved her heedlessly through.  When it was their turn to be processed, the officer carefully scrutinized their faces, studied their passport photos, and then repeated the sequence a second time. While shopping in a Washington, D.C. suburban supermarket, an Iranian-American human rights activist, who fled Iran following the Khomeini-led revolution, spied a woman in a multi-layered hijab shopping with her playful young daughter.  In the parking lot, the woman struck her meandering daughter as they passed by the stunned Iranian woman.  The activist reprimanded the mother for hitting her...(Read Full Article)