Turning ObamaCare's Lemons into Federalist Lemonade

Keep your heads up.  Defenders of the health care law are going to continue to spike the football as if the Supreme Court vindicated their ideas and repudiated conservative ones.  But that is not what happened.  In the long run, conservatives may have won more than they lost.  The court strengthened federalism by limiting the federal government's ability to coerce the states and establishing principled limits to the scope of the Commerce Clause.  These legal victories will remain in place long after the political branches repeal ObamaCare.  That many liberals are celebrating the outcome of today's case, despite the court's rejection of their main legal arguments, indicates that they are concerned more with achieving their goals than with the law.  They may live to regret this myopia. This defeat offers conservatives an opportunity to highlight that they are different.  It offers them an opportunity to show that they care about the law and the...(Read Full Article)