Time to Start the Real Health Care Debate

Supreme Court subtleties notwithstanding, conservatives must find a way to refocus the health care debate on two questions that constitute the true rock-bottom essence of the issue: (1) Do you own your own body? and (2) Do you own your neighbor's soul? Republicans, like their nominally conservative equivalents worldwide, have been far too easily dragged onto liberal turf on the health care issue.  Too often -- almost always, in fact -- they begin with the premise that the basic problems are "access to care" and "how to reduce costs."  From there, the debate devolves into the conservative case for "market-based solutions" versus the liberal argument that "health care is too important to be left to the free market." Allowing the debate to be framed in this way has contributed mightily to the leftward ratchet that has moved this issue throughout the Western world for the past eighty years.  Continuing to accept this framing guarantees socialized medicine in America's...(Read Full Article)