Thermodynamics of Global Warming

What percentage change in global mean temperature (GMT) has occurred since the Industrial Revolution began?  This can be calculated only by using an absolute temperature scale.  Answer = +0.3%. Can this be so alarming to Al Gore?  Indeed, the Kelvin absolute scale for temperature is one of only seven basic units of measure recognized in the International System of Units.  Temperature measures the heat content of a substance -- a simple linear relation so long as the zero of the temperature scale is properly placed.  Heat itself is a form of energy measured in joules, calories, or BTUs.  The thermodynamic science of heat flow requires the use of Kelvin because Kelvin eliminates the problem of negative temperature readings encountered with the Celsius or Fahrenheit scales.  Heat can flow into and out of any mass, be it solid, liquid, or gas.  Reduction of heat makes it colder.  There is no such thing as negative heat (anti-heat?)....(Read Full Article)