The Wintour of Our Discontent

Back at my favorite boîte, in a dark  back  booth I was scanning the news clips of the week and watching TV while waiting for lunch.  Greg Gutfeld's take on the Wisconsin recall election made me laugh out loud: "The media wanted Norma Rae, and got On the Waterfront, instead." The entire week was full of things like this, signs of a campaign on the rocks. Even before the Wisconsin drubbing ,the campaign damaged itself by running the video ad by Vogue editor Anna (The Devil Wears Prada) Wintour, soliciting contributions  to a fundraising dinner for Obama. In a very upper class British accent, wearing thousands of dollars worth of couture garb and stylishly, which is to say expensively, groomed, Wintour's suggestion that she, her co-host  Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker and those paying thousands of dollars to attend were just thrilled at the thought of sitting next to and listening to  a nobody who won a place at the table by a lucky $3 bet in the...(Read Full Article)