The Obfuscation Factor

Obama was raised by communists, he hung out with communists in school, he hung out with communists after he got out of school, he talks just like a communist, and all we can say is that he promotes envy and class warfare.  That's like saying that Charles Manson smells bad. Oh, they say, he takes money from Wall Street.  Warren Buffett likes him.  Yeah, and Engels was an industrialist.  The Germans sent Lenin back to Russia in a sealed train.  The New York Times liked Castro.  What else is new? But far tighter handcuffs bite our wrists.  These are, strictly speaking, inhuman handcuffs, because actual human beings -- the vast majority of human beings who have ever lived or ever will live -- have no compunction against criticism of religions they do not hold, and we lack the courage even to criticize the religion of dead and deadly Aztecs or Mayans.  We've allowed Wicca to become respectable.  Next it will be Baal and Ashtaroth. This is no...(Read Full Article)