The Lynching of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman's public image took a blow when a judge revoked his bond, alleging that Zimmerman willfully misled the court concerning his financial situation.  The fact that he's back in jail makes him appear guilty in the public's eye, and that's what matters.  Whether or not Zimmerman misled the court is immaterial.  In fact, his guilt or innocence is immaterial.  His trial has transcended justice; it's now about capitalizing on opportunity. Zimmerman has maintained since day one that Trayvon Martin instigated their fatal confrontation.  Zimmerman's various injuries coupled with autopsy results revealing Martin's injured knuckles tend to support his story.  That evidence might be the reason why he wasn't charged immediately after the shooting.  Yet he remains guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of many, including the federal government and national media. Could there be an orchestrated campaign between government and media entities to see...(Read Full Article)