The Fairness Card

In the game of Obama politics, the Race Card and the Bush Card are frequently played to trump most any criticism of Obama or his policies.  While those cards tend to be the most oft-used defensive tactics, the most effective offensive card in the Obama campaign's hand is the Fairness Card.  Take this recent example, when Obama said: If you believe this economy grows best when everybody gets a fair shot and everybody does their fair share and everybody plays by the same set of rules, then I ask you to stand with me for a second term as president. Although the grown-ups in the room see that statement for what it is -- an appeal to the juvenile thinker, a large boulder to add to the chips accumulating on the 99%-er's shoulder -- we can't ignore the fact that the Fairness Card is extremely persuasive.  Millions of voters will never even attempt to understand the philosophical and economic lessons valiantly offered by Republican candidates.  The unhappy voters are...(Read Full Article)