Syrian Conflict: The Spillover Effect in Lebanon

There are clear indications that the Syrian internal conflict is now spilling over into neighboring Lebanon.  The clashes there between Sunni pro- and anti-Syrian groups followed the shooting death of two anti-Syrian clerics recently.  The violence is the first in Beirut since the conflict began in neighboring Syria in March last year.  Syrian and Lebanese politics have been deeply intertwined throughout the history of the two states. The Syrian conflict is now opening up wounds of the past in Lebanon.  The fighting in Beirut has raised fears of a repeat of the sectarian clashes in 2008 that pitted Sunnis against Shi'ites and brought the country close to civil war.  The spillover effects have already claimed the life of important political leaders.  The cleric Sheikh Ahmad Abdel-Wahid was shot dead at night by Lebanese troops when his convoy failed to stop at a checkpoint in north Lebanon as tensions simmered after Sunnis attacked Alawites, who support...(Read Full Article)