Smashing the Tyranny of the Democrats' Clichés

Politics is civil war by other means.  So when Mitt Romney showed up at Solyndra and the Romney HQ troops showed up to heckle David Axelrod last week, conservatives found themselves writing about the thrill up their legs.  It really makes a difference when your leaders actually show up to fight. The ancients knew that, too.  That's why Plato had bad-boy Alcibiades in The Symposium praise Socrates as brave and fearless.  It's all very well to be able to turn a good argument, but a real man keeps his cool even during the retreat from Delium.  It's probably no accident that Bernard Cornwell started his Sharpe's Rifles series with the epic British retreat to Corunna.  There was no better way to introduce readers to Richard Sharpe than as a leader that kept his head in the chaos and turmoil of retreat. We now know that in the next five months, we will really get the measure of President Obama as a leader.  He will need all the leadership qualities in the...(Read Full Article)