Shrinking Local Governments

In President Barack Obama's era of big government, many upset voters have justifiably focused on shrinking federal and state government.  However, voters should also shrink many local governments.  Just consider Montgomery County (Mo Co), Maryland, among America's biggest local governments.  Compared with the 22 other Maryland counties and Baltimore City, Mo Co is the biggest taxer and spender1.  In 2010, when Mo Co spent $4.5 billion total in its operating budget, Mo Co residents had a local tax/fee burden, which includes local property, income, and other taxes/fees2, of $3,324 per person, and Mo Co spent $4,604 per person. Table 1 shows Mo Co's taxing and spending rates relative to the rates of other local governments in Maryland with high taxes and spending.  Of these local governments, Howard County's tax/fee burden per person is closest to Mo Co's ($2,826 versus $3,324), while Prince George's County's spending per person is closest to Mo Co's ($3,012...(Read Full Article)