Payback Is a Hound Dog

Some are trying to pass off Bill Clinton's seemingly pro-Romney comments on the campaign trail as a sign the 65 year old former president is is rusty and indeed that he might even be getting a bit senile.  (Funny how they never say that about the 87 year old Carter.)  Stephen Green at PJ Media isn't buying it.  The inventor of drunkblogging seems to be  enjoying his beloved adult beverages as he watches Clinton do to Obama what he did to Republicans for eight years. When your enemy is angry, irritate him.-Sun Tzu There are differing versions, even different attributions, of that dictum, probably because of its timeless truth. An angry enemy makes mistakes. An annoyed and angry enemy will flip out. And nobody was better at annoying the angry than Bill Clinton -- even if he had to first make them angry himself. While president, Clinton thrived on making conservatives and Republicans angry. Red-faced, spittle-covered mad. Clinton, written off for dead at the end of...(Read Full Article)