Obama's Syria Dilemma

As the situation in Syria deteriorates, with the Assad regime acting with ever-increasing ruthlessness, the Obama administration's firm policy of inaction has come in for extended criticism from both the left and the right.  That is not to say there are not legitimate reasons for caution.  Syria presents a difficult and complex situation.  Credible explanations for the administration's inaction cover a range of military and political factors. Taking down the Syrian regime through air strikes might prove more difficult than operations in Kosovo or Libya.  There are potential problems with the Kurds, the Turks, and the Russians.  There is uncertainty about the Syrian opposition.  What to do about Syria's arsenal of poison gas and biological weaponry and its ballistic missiles?  What about the doctrine of non-interference initiated with the Peace of Westphalia?  And so on.    Yet these problems could prove manageable if President...(Read Full Article)