Obama Reinvents Sacred Themes for 2012

While his record as president makes it abundantly clear that he does not walk on water, the president is still appropriating to himself many of the religious code words and symbols that ensured his victory in 2008.  Strangely enough, in many respects, the president is relying on the same themes that worked in 2008. In his book, Branding Obamessiah, Mark Edward Taylor wrote about Obama's "Devotional Code" -- religious-sounding rhetorical themes that permeated Obama's communication during his campaign for the presidency.  Taylor identified the "Sacred Six" characteristics -- a creation story, sacred words, sacred images, sacred ritual, true believers, and a messianic leader -- that created a public perception that Barack Obama embodied "hope and change" for the future, that created an image of him as "The One." Knowing that he was an inexperienced candidate (arguably the most inexperienced ever), Mr. Obama's campaign staff in 2008 sought to downplay the importance of...(Read Full Article)