Obama, Messiah No More

It has become fashionable to label president Obama, the once and future messiah, now a "loser" and describe his erstwhile disciples "disillusioned."  Every day brings another report of demoralized Obama acolytes discovering the allure of agnosticism.  Denial before the cock crows, a la Peter in the Gospels, will be next. Historians the likes of Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michael Beschloss, Robert Caro, Robert Dallek, Douglas Brinkley, HW Brands, David Kennedy, Kenneth Mack, and Garry Wills had dinner with Obama at the beginning of his term and on two more occasions. At the outset, the range of premature ejaculations from this lot stretched from Beschloss, "Obama is probably the smartest guy ever to become president" to Robert Dallek,  "The president's political mastery is on par with FDR and LBJ." Garry Wills, in the tank since Obama's Chicago days, thought Obama's 2008 campaign speech on race rivaled Lincoln's speech on slavery at Cooper Union. Douglas Brinkley won the...(Read Full Article)