Obama: Against the Law

You'd think that, having taught law at least part-time, President Obama would have more respect for the subject.  As it is, more than a dozen major scandals and Supreme Court reversals have rocked his administration, all of them attributable to the president's determination to override the law.  One can only imagine what he was teaching those law students back in Chicago. The list of scandals and court reversals is long and sobering.  Last Friday, the president announced that he would not enforce the law requiring deportation of illegal aliens.  In short, Obama has thus decided that politics trumps the rule of law.  Of course, this is nothing new for this president, but the blatant manner in which it was announced, purely for political gain, is deplorable. Obama's attempt to legislate from the Oval Office betrays a colossal arrogance.  The frightening thing is that he actually believes he can govern in opposition to the wishes of the American people and...(Read Full Article)