More Taxpayer Millions for Van Jones and His Nest of Vipers

A solar installation research company based in Oakland, California called Solar Mosaic has just received $2 million in grant monies from the Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative program. Mosaic pulled in 4 times more money than the other eight companies that made the cut. Why did the California company fare so well?  Simple. Obama's former green jobs czar buddy, Anthony K. "Van" Jones is listed as an adviser while two radical organizations he co-founded are cited as "members of the Solar Mosaic family." The payouts for Mr. Obama's radical cronies just keep on coming. Obama's corporate crooks are stealing our money and giving it to these solar flare-ups who keep promising jobs to recession-weary Americans. The Soros-funded Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) in Oakland and Green For All (GFA) both started by Jones are in with Mosaic. The social justice fronts continue to haul in taxpayer monies for their far left radical causes while establishment...(Read Full Article)