Lord of the Skeptics

Did you see this extraordinary headline recently?  Prominent foreign statesman claims posted birth certificate of the President of the United States probable digital forgery.   Just kidding.  Not about the content of that headline -- it's real.  And surely such an event would be newsworthy.  But the fact is, there was never such an article printed or words uttered by the mainstream media. Lord Christopher Monckton was the guest speaker at a recent meeting of California's Ventura County Tea Party.  He addressed, in great detail, his opinion on the validity of Obama's long-form birth certificate presented by the White House.  Monckton conducted a similar discussion a few days earlier at an Arizona Tea Party rally. Except for a few Tea Party and conservative websites, and the tenacious WND, there was no mainstream coverage of either event.  (Unless you count this Daily Kos piece discussing "racist birther crapola," "white geriatric tea...(Read Full Article)