Justice Stevens Gets a Medal

Every now and then, a picture's taken that perfectly captures political reality.  One of them was snapped on May 29 during the same White House ceremony in which the president insulted millions of Poles with his "death camps" gaffe.  There stands retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens, pleased as punch to be receiving a bright new collar, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, most likely as a reward for his dogged opposition to corporate political speech. The very next day, Stevens spoke in Little Rock, once again yapping about Citizens United's ruling against the McCain-Feingold ban on independent corporate campaign spending.  Stevens seems to have the persistence of a terrier shaking a rat, and he struck a chord with CBS when he drew an analogy between independent campaign spending and a media-moderated presidential debate.  What he said is well worth our time, because it perfectly captures the partisanship and flawed logic of his Citizens United...(Read Full Article)