How to Handle the Taliban

President Obama's apparent infatuation with drone strikes in Afghanistan has been getting some attention lately, with ABC's Jake Tapper covering the subject at Yahoo! News yesterday.  The question on everyone's mind is whether an increased reliance on drones will have any effect in defeating the Taliban. Of course, the War on Terror is the longest in America's history.  Iraq and Afghanistan have differed from other past conflicts in that these are not linear wars: there are no battle lines drawn with the enemy on the other side, the enemy does not wear a uniform, and the bad guys can be anywhere and nowhere. Recently, President Obama reaffirmed his position that troops in Afghanistan will be pulled out according to a fixed timetable, ending on December 31, 2014.  American Thinker asked intelligence experts what the policy should be regarding Afghanistan. In his book The Art of Intelligence, Henry Crumpton describes how he was assigned the task of organizing and leading...(Read Full Article)