History in the Making: The Decline of America

While many Americans took pride in electing the first black president of the United States, some of us questioned the wisdom of taking an inexperienced blank slate and elevating him to the most important and powerful position in the world.  That is not an exaggeration.  The POTUS is also known as the leader of the free world.  He is the commander-in-chief of the world's most powerful military force, and he controls decisions that affect both domestic and world affairs, including those that impact human rights across the globe and the sustainability of world economies.  The world relies upon Americans to ensure freedom at home and leadership abroad in order to maintain a balance of power that has ensured relative peace and grown prosperity at an historical rate. The world was wrong to rely on American values.  The elitist, white, Ivy-educated (i.e.,  indoctrinated); the Hollywood cocooned; the liberal and Soros-controlled mainstream media; the proud...(Read Full Article)