Government Pays for Children to Walk Home from School

Walking your child home from school should be a simple process, left completely up to the individual parent.  So why has the federal government spent nearly $1 billion since 2005 to help students walk home from school? In 2005, federal funds were allocated for the creation of "Safe Routes To School" programs in all fifty states.  According to the"Safe Streets Toolkit," community partners must be identified, task forces created, and goals set, and adult volunteers are needed to lead what are called "walking school buses." What? Parents shouldn't need community partners and task force members to help them walk their children home.  Your child, your responsibility.  If a family issues group wants to advocate this practice, that's  one thing, but the government should not be creating and funding programs to replace the basic role of parents. Advocates of these new programs cite the rise of double-income families and urban families without access to motorized...(Read Full Article)