Citizens United Becomes the Left's All-Purpose Excuse

Tuesday night, watching the election returns from Wisconsin was an object lesson in a few areas.  On both CNN and MSNBC, the pundits and hosts proved they cannot divide.  Flashed on their screens were comparisons of total spending on the governor's race that showed $45 million in total for Scott Walker, and but $9 million for the poor beleaguered forces of Tom Barrett, the candidate of  "the people" (the unions).  Of course, the unions' direct or in-kind spending throughout the recall effort, variously estimated at $20 million on the governor's race alone, was excluded from the comparison.  In any case, the geniuses of the left, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Ed Schultz among them, all bemoaned this 7-to-1 or 8-to-1 spending disparity, all a result of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.  One would think that 45 divided by 9 is not a tough calculation. But the bigger confusion concerned Citizens United.  It turns out, of course, that...(Read Full Article)