America Needs More Adelson and Less McCain

I realize that the Jurassic media would have us believe that John McCain is a bipartisan saint -- the kind of reasonable Republican we need -- and that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is just another partisan devil incarnate.  Frankly, however, a case can be made that America would be a country with a smaller government and fewer restrictions on liberty and speech if we had more Sheldon Adelsons and fewer John McCains.  Which is to say a better America, in fact.  And since we apparently have one of each at last count -- and since McCain wants a bit of a public feud at the moment with Adelson over speech -- it is instructive to peek at their respective contributions to political speech and freedom. McCain is no doubt peeved that his infamous CFR -- the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act -- has in effect been neutered by the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling.  Of course, the problem with the fundamentally flawed CFR is not Citizens United.  It is...(Read Full Article)