A Guy Named Jennifer

The Senate, in an act of cynical self-interest, just voted to strike the word "lunatic" from a federal law defining mental illness.  The Senate errs dangerously.  While U.S. Code Title 1, Chapter 1 does describe the mentally ill in pejorative terms, its language regarding idiots and lunatics fits too well in many cases. Take for example the university professor who inculcates his students with disdain for Western civilization; an Occupy Wall Streeter (public defecator, street corner "masturbationist," rapist, and political imbecile); or a university bureaucrat, Justice Department lawyer, or congressman. In short, the word is too critically important to be repealed.  Lunatics must be identified, restrained, and promptly sedated. Finally, the lunatic may be found in a subculture dedicated to the chemical/surgical invention of new and fantastic genders.  This lunatic intends to force multi-gender acceptance upon a society at once rational, traditional, and religious....(Read Full Article)