3236: A Number Pregnant with Danger for Israel

Commenting on American economic policy, David Brooks wrote: "A country is divided when different people take different sides in a debate.  A country is really divided when different people are having entirely different debates." Israel is experiencing the latter situation at the political level.  The current debate on the "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict deals with the demolition of some Israeli settlements, the way negotiations should be pursued, lines on maps and land-swap ratios, and appropriate responses to rocket attacks from Gaza.  But the other debate, and the one worth focusing on (other than Iran), is the very nature of Palestinian claims on any territory west of the Jordan River.  What are these claims?  How did they originate?  How legitimate are they? These matters have not received the exposure they deserve.  Future historians will be puzzled at how the fundamentals of the Arab-Israeli conflict were derailed to give way to a concocted...(Read Full Article)