Will the 1991 Biography Discovery Force Obama to Open the Hood?

If you have a young boy, you've probably watched Disney's Cars 2 about a thousand times.  For those who don't know, at the movie's end (an obligatory spoiler warning here), Sir Miles Axlerod is exposed as a fraud when he's forced to open his hood by Mater, the hayseed hick.  Hold that thought. Three possibilities follow the bombshell discovery that Barack Obama was promoted in 1991 through 2007 by his professional agency as an author "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."  (1) Obama untruthfully presented himself as Kenya-born.  (2) Obama untruthfully presents himself as Hawaii-born.  (3) Obama had no knowledge that his bio contained the 16-year-old "error" which was corrected in April of 2007, when Obama was gearing up his campaign for the U.S. presidency. Of the three possibilities, number three may be discarded on its face as absurd.  Everyone in the publishing industry knows that authors write their own bios.  At the very least,...(Read Full Article)