The Summer of Disruption

As the summer of 2012 heats up, OWS will be more about disruption of the working class than trying to get the working class to join.  The OWS strategy to cause a major disruption could be as simple as turning a knob. When OWS was still just a dream in the minds of Van Jones, Anonymous, the unions, and the like, these people and entities must have had in their heads the wishful scenario wherein the majority of Americans, known by OWS as the working class, would see the justness of the Occupy cause and with their greedy little hearts run to the streets, lugging tents behind them, demanding unearned money from the rich and swelling the numbers of Occupy into a political force to stand toe-to-toe with the Tea Party. Instead, OWS, unlike the Tea Party, showed no purpose it was willing to make explicit and no demands it was willing to reveal, while exhibiting rampant lawlessness, racist and sexist incivility, and a startling lack of depth. OWS leadership most likely assume that their...(Read Full Article)