The ObamaCare Mandate: Are Catholic Martyrs Not Far Off?

Those unfamiliar with Catholic theology don't understand why Church officials can't be more flexible when it comes to ObamaCare and the contraceptive mandate.  After all, the Obama administration offered a supposed compromise. There are reasons why Church officials can't be flexible.  The most important reason is because the Church's position on contraception and life goes back thousands of years -- some say to Deuteronomy 30:19. Furthermore, the Catholic position on contraception and other matters like same-sex marriage is thought to be not just opinion, but objective truth.  It is a position held by the light of both reason and revelation. Yet even in the face of this theological certitude for Catholics, some still argue that the Church must be patient when it comes to the contraceptive mandate.  In time, these political matters will all blow over. The Contraceptive Mandate In Matthew's Gospel (10:16), Jesus tells his disciples, "I am sending you out like sheep...(Read Full Article)