Tarring Jihad's Opponents

The British organization HOPE not Hate (HnH), a group formed in 2005 to oppose the "politics of hate" of the British National Party and the English Defense League in the service of the "anti-racist and anti-fascist movement" and enjoying the "support of the Daily Mirror, trade unions, celebrities and community groups across" the United Kingdom, has published on its website a Counter-Jihad Report.  HnH's chief executive Nick Lowles writes in the report's online introduction that the "Counter-Jihad" (CJ) movement "is a broad church of people and ideas embracing neo-Conservatives, Christian evangelicals, hard-line racists, football hooligans, nationalists, right wing populists and some former leftists."  This "new face of the political right in Europe and North America" has replaced the "old racial nationalist politics of neo-Nazi and traditional far right parties" with an "anti-Muslim and anti-immigration message" based on "cultural and identity wars" in order to be...(Read Full Article)