Still Clueless: What Is the Tea Party?

Surprisingly, many on our side -- Republicans and conservatives -- are still clueless about the Tea Party or have a negative view of it.  They have fallen prey to the mainstream media's rhetoric that we are a bunch of anti-government extremists with a few redneck racists thrown in for good measure. But folks, this is not an accurate description of the Tea Party.  Not by a long shot. Ten years ago, at a social event, a politician told me he ran for office as a Republican and lost.  Without skipping a beat, he said he was running again as a Democrat because they promised him better financial support.  I thought, how is this possible?  How can someone reverse their values to further their political career?  Man, was I naive. Though referring to Republicans, my buddy Joe eloquently nailed the problem in politics today: "As long as this is a party of men who seek power, rather than fight for principles seared into their souls, then the Republican Party stands...(Read Full Article)