Spinning Same-Sex Marriage

Barack Obama's position has now fully "evolved," and he has made the announcement that he supports same-sex marriage. The choice is unsurprising.  The cultural status quo, upon whom Obama heavily relies, has dictated that same-sex marriage is the civil rights issue of the new millennium.  The timing for his declaration, too, is not inconspicuous.  Economic and foreign policy issues are all but toxic, given this administration's hand in the astronomical inflation of the deficit and multiple key points of interest that signal its failure on these fronts -- on everything from the failure of green energy initiatives to the increased and unprecedented level of Americans' dependency upon social welfare programs, to the rising tide of Islamism in the Middle East that this administration has essentially nurtured.  Obama's supporters have little to be excited about when it comes to such things.  The ruse is clever, though, and it worked.  The media has tackled...(Read Full Article)