Scott Walker, Romney's Running Mate?

Balance the GOP presidential ticket?  Nah!  That's Democrat stuff.  Mitt Romney has the chance to a make a powerful statement with his V.P. choice.  Governor Scott Walker -- a boring white guy's white guy -- is about to make a very powerful statement in Wisconsin.  A thumbs-up by Wisconsin voters for Walker in next Tuesday's recall election would be a huge victory for bold governmental reform. A Walker victory establishes that Republicans can enact significant reforms and survive onslaughts by public-sector labor unions, the left, and the dependent classes.  For conservative reformers, a Walker recall win is the modern equivalent of the "shot heard around the world."      By picking Scott Walker as his running mate, Romney would signal that his administration is about fundamental reform.  Not Mickey Mouse, nibble-at-the-edges reform.  But historic, fork-in-the-road change.  A Walker pick would show a lot of...(Read Full Article)