Romney Must Focus on Value Creation, not Jobs

Governor Romney can best respond to criticisms of his record at Bain Capital by focusing on value creation as the key to both jobs and shared prosperity.  He is a veteran at creating value, and that is why he is capable of bringing jobs, jobs, jobs to America if elected. He can explain, and the American people can understand, why when government creates jobs without creating new value beyond their cost, we become poorer as a nation. In late November, 2008, then president-elect Obama said that job creation was a priority.  He promised 2.5 million more jobs.  He also promised, while campaigning in 2008, on seven different occasions, that he would create 7 million jobs in green energy and construction. The loan program that gave us the Solyndra fiasco was forecast by the Department of Energy (DOE) to "create or save" about 2,500 permanent jobs, or about $6.4 million per job. Obama's original $800 billion stimulus (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) in 2009 created...(Read Full Article)