Romney and the '60s

The major Demo tactical effort against Mitt Romney is based on portraying him as a robotic, out-of-touch figure not much like other Americans -- at least not Americans of the 21st century.  Romney is a creature of the 1950s, raised and indoctrinated within a Mormon cocoon, a man effectively living in a time warp.  He uses words like "zany."  His hair looks funny.  He's been married to the same woman for nearly half a century.  What kind of post-'60s American is this? The key element here, repeated in piece after piece, is that Romney was "untouched by the '60s."  Liberals tend to take this "touch" carried out by a decade -- a strange concept in and of itself -- in much the way in which fundamentalists take adult baptism: as a rite necessary to achieve salvation.  Those who have not been "touched" are fringe figures, not at all part of the mainstream as defined in Ann Arbor, San Francisco, and the Upper East Side. This thesis contains a number of...(Read Full Article)