Obama's Sons: They Are Real for Him

Much has been said, here at American Thinker and elsewhere, about Barack Obama's recent pair of teleprompted references to his (presumably) non-existent sons.  Thomas Lifson toys with the notion that Obama might in fact have secret sons, as a way of making sense of the seeming insanity of it.  Selwyn Duke suggests it might indicate brain damage from Obama's (presumably) past drug use.  (Funny, isn't it, how often one is left no choice but merely to presume about the Cipher-in-Chief.)  David Paulin asks whether Obama might be the victim of a teleprompting prankster/saboteur. All of these are reasonable speculations -- which is, in itself, reason to be perturbed about America's current devolved state.  However, I would like to throw one more possibility into the mix, more straightforward, but no less bizarre, than the others.  I believe it is likely that Obama compared the future prospects of "my daughters" to that of "my sons" precisely according to a...(Read Full Article)