Obama Invictus

The myth for today is that of Obama Invictus -- the undefeated champion, the master campaigner, the man who could have taught lessons to Honey Fitz, Dick Daley, and Lyndon B. Johnson himself.  Obama is the epitome of the politician for our time and perhaps for all time.  His election was inevitable, so we're told, as soon as he decided to descend from Olympus and claim the White House.  The idea that mere mortals would seek to contest it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.  Somebody like Mitt Romney represents no more than a few hours' sport. There's no point in trying to destroy all the Obama myths -- there are too many of them, and new ones are popping up all the time.  It would nice if we could -- this man is made of myths and next to nothing else.  If you destroyed each and every Obama myth, there wouldn't be so much as a ghostly image left.  (That includes the Obama Antichristus myth that has so many conservatives reduced to such a state...(Read Full Article)