National Security - 'Change You Can Believe In'

In 2008, President Obama campaigned with the slogan "change we can believe in."  When it comes to national security, change is exactly what he has been creating ever since he took office.  None of those changes are for the better. The president has finally realized that his economic policies have utterly failed.  He cannot successfully campaign on gas prices, unemployment, or the national debt.  The only ammunition he has left in his campaign arsenal comes from national security.  Yet national security has become a politicized flip-flop extravaganza as well. The current administration continues to play whack-a-mole using numbers as agitprop for his supposed national security successes.  While the killing of highly valued targets sounds appealing to many, not one single key leader of al-Qaeda has been captured by the United States under the current administration's watch.  They have all been target-killed.  This leads to a very serious problem...(Read Full Article)