Muhammad Raped while Bobby Stayed Mum

The cult of diversity has claimed four dozen more victims.  On May 8, 2012, nine men were convicted of rape, conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with minors, trafficking for sexual exploitation, conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children, sexual assault, and aiding and abetting a rape.  All nine of the men are Muslim, eight are British Pakistani, and one is Afghani.  The gruesome details of the crime are in themselves barbaric, but the responses from British police are languid and discomfiting. The national scandal began in 2005 as the nine men in the Manchester area, some of them taxi drivers, would lure many young teenage girls, often 13 to 15 years old, with free food, drugs, and alcohol.  The girls came from shoddy backgrounds; many were teenage runaways and living on social services.  Once they were high or drunk, they were beaten and raped.  They were passed around to other men, mostly of Pakistani descent, where they would be...(Read Full Article)