Modern Gnosticism and the Family as Contract

It is often said that libertarianism would be fine, if not for children and foreign policy.  The point is not to pick on libertarianism, but to inject common sense into the naïve effort to move traditional marriage toward an adult contracting model, enterable by all sorts of non-traditional actors. Specifically, there is a Gnostic impracticality in the vain pretense that children can be loved and raised just as well under an adult-contracting arrangement as within a real, traditional, and physical family unit.  The re-packagers of marriage fail to grasp this because they are self-focused.  A contractual approach is unjust.  More children will be hurt, and more will die.  Jennifer Morse explains: We can't begin our lives as objects to which other people have rights, and somehow, magically, become persons with rights of our own. Yet, the redefinition of parenthood is doing precisely this: treating children as objects. The idea of "contract parenting" is...(Read Full Article)